How to get rid of smells and odor

We all reek some or other time.  Whether you ran a few errands or you had a late night partying, the stink will follow.  The reason we are so repelled by the odor is that it is embedded in our genes.  Thousands of years ago we used smell to identify microbial decay.  So what do we do when we don’t have breath mints or deodorant handy?  Use these tips.


How to get rid of bad breath

If you were in such a rush this morning and couldn’t brush your teeth, reach for salt.  The back of your tongue is the place where bacteria grow that causes bad breath, and then spreads to your whole mouth.  So when you brush, make sure to brush your tongue as well.  Now, take about a teaspoon of salt and mix it with a cup of warm water.  Take the solution and swish it around your mouth for about 30 seconds.  The odor causing bacteria flourish in a high-acidic environment and by swooshing around salt, it will raise your mouths pH level and neutralize the acid.


How to get rid of a Hangover smell

Studies have shown that for some reason darker alcoholic beverages cause a fouler smell in the morning.  So if you have a job interview the next morning, don’t drink, if you have to drink, drink clearer drinks.  If you “kinda” had one too many the night before, reach for grapefruit juice.  This will activate your liver enzymes and metabolize the alcohol remaining in your system quicker, so the smell will leave sooner.



How to get rid of ‘The stress stench’

You are about to step into a meeting or you are about to meet a large group of people and do it in close contact.  You are nervous; sweating and running to the toilet every 5 minutes.  Now you discover you are giving off an odor.  What do you do?  Well, while you make your trip to the toilet, pause there.  Grab 2 paper towels, put some of the hand wash liquid on one piece, and head for a stall.  The liquid hand soaps available in bathrooms have germ killing properties and once again, the smell is due to bacteria.  Wipe your armpits with the soapy paper towel, and then dry it off with the other towel.  It will kill most of the bacteria and as a bonus also leave behind a bit of scent to pull you through.  Use an anti-bacterial soap to avoid these predicaments.


How to get rid of ‘Something fishy’

Ok so you gutted a fish.  You stink.  What can be done?  Well if you are at home, then reach for bleach.  The powder bleach.  Mix it with water in your hand and rub in order to form a paste.  Scrub your hands and forearms diligently and then rinse off with the hottest water you can handle.  This combination will oxidize the fish oil molecules and get rid of the smell.


How to get rid of a woman’s perfume on your shirt, but it’s not your woman.

Toss your shirt into a tumble-dryer and add scented fabric softener.  Let it tumble for about two minutes on the “high” setting.  The hot air will oxidize the perfume scent, and the fabric softener will help mask the smell.  Oh and next time?  There better not be a next time.  Stop being stupid.

Author: Shaun De Kock

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