How to invite all your Facebook Friends with one click

How Do I Invite All My Friends to Facebook Group, Page with One Click

August 29, 2010

This is really frustrating for not being able to suggest or invite a facebook group, fan page or application profile page to all your facebook contacts in one click. How do you feel to select 500 friends with 500 mouse click?

1. By javascript code and a little bit of stupidity

Click “Suggest to friends” on application profile page or “Invite to friends” on group, fan page or events page.

Right click on any friend and click “open in new tab”
putting javascript code in address bar to select all facebook friends
You will land on a page which will only show suggestion window
At this point, paste the following code on to the address bar where the suggestion window is displaying and press enter:

;for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object'){[fid]);}}



And there’s an even easier way to select all friends.

2. By using chrome extension known as Facebook Invite All

A million thanks to dawagner who made this wonderful extension. After you have installed this extension you will notice a a new button “Toggle all” on the suggestion or invitation window.
toggle all button appearing when using chrome extension

Now you are done. Please test this on our facebook group and invite all your friends to join, not to much to ask for such a great tool now is it ?  Also please leave your comments, and if you have any problems please mention it.

Author: Johan Bosman

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  1. I tried this and it worked, thank you so much guys !!! this really helps me

  2. It is my pleasure, and happy to help.

  3. It works just follow the steps and then you will only click 1 time to invite everyone

  4. Followed the steps but it did not work on your site. Any ideas?

  5. Hi Rob, I have tried the steps, and it works, please work carefully through the steps, and if it is still a problem, please let me know what happens, Is there any error messages? are you using firefox?

  6. Genius! I’ve been using several other java script codes in the past to invite friends to various fan and event pages on Facebook in the past, but this is the first code that actually works with group page invites as well.

  7. i have also tried this and it dosent seem to work, but have used in past an i know it does work.
    Is this somthing to do with the new groups on facebook and if so does any one no how to add all for this if that is the case.
    hope you can help ging dexfm

  8. Hi, We have updated the Post with the new way to add all your friends,
    the old way did not work any more, so please test it from the post. Thx.

  9. Love u!

  10. let me check

  11. Let us all know what you saw!!

  12. I tried this and it worked great. Please keep up the great work.

  13. I’ll gear this article to 2 types of people: The person who knows what he want to do, and the person who just want to make sure he is ready for what ever he might need to do. Thanks for the informative read.

  14. god this sucks.. time for a new type of social network where people can EASILY tell ALL their friends about events etc.. can’t find any links from these posts that still exist.. help!


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