How to Kiss – a Guide on how to be a good kisser

We have all heard it before; foreplay is the most important part of any sexual act.  Not only will this heighten your senses during the act, but a good run-up to sex, and greater emphasis on foreplay might even help men who experience problems such as impotence.  Kissing is the one most exercised activity during foreplay and sex.  So why not learn how to do it properly?  Sure, you might be sitting there, thinking, I haven’t heard any complaints yet!  Well that might be true, but brushing up on your skills won’t do any harm either.

The art of kissing is an age-old expression of love and affection by both sexes.  This art has evolved from a slight peck on the cheek to passionate expressions of lust, and everything in between.  By looking at the circumstance you’re in, you can better predict the most suitable kiss.


How to kiss a colleague

Ok, so you are at a year-end function or celebrating the six figures you’ve made the company at a dinner invitational.  If you are approached by a co-worker and kissing is the chosen past-time for the moment and everyone is congratulating anyone, kiss like : you would kiss your mother. Yes, even the sexy receptionist your boss just hired, or the handsome new intern.  This is no place to make your feelings known for a co-worker.  Be professional.  Leave the office romance hidden away in your fantasies for now.


How to kiss on the first date

So you go out to dinner, maybe see a movie or a play.  The sexual tension is tangible.  You walk her to the door and you are waiting for the infamous last kiss goodnight.  Look at her gestures.  Is she fiddling with her keys or twirling her hair?  You might go home with a smile on your face if this is the case.  Let her take the lead.  Make it known to her that you had a good time and move slightly towards her.  If she feels the same way then she might notice your chips, and raise you a kiss.  When this happens, forget everything you saw in porn movies, even if you want to stick your tongue down her throat and play ping-pong with her tonsils.  Be gentle.  The best kiss:  Partially open mouth, pause a moment, and NO tongue.  Unless of course, she tries to play ping-pong with YOUR tonsils.


How to kiss an ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend

Our advice?  Don’t.  Not even on the cheek.  If some time has passed since you’ve seen your ex and he/she looks ravaging, remember why you split up in the first place.  Don’t complicate things by trying to spark old flames.  Leave what’s in the past, in the past.  Talk to your current partner in case this happens one day and discuss the appropriate gesture.  Most of the time a hug will be perfectly fine for both parties.


How to kiss your lover

Kissing is often underestimated in its power to arouse your partner.  The right moves will send him/her off to cloud number 9 when done right.

Here are a few things you must NOT do in order to give a proper kiss.

  • Going in too hard

Just remember that in order to give a kiss you needn’t be an NFL player or a wrestler.  Ever had a chipped tooth or busted lip?  Not very pleasant.  Approach your partner slowly and meet his/her lips gently, even if it will turn into a tongue fest 30 seconds from now.


  • Wide open mouth

Ever watched a goldfish feed?  Don’t be a “guppy-kisser” by refraining from opening your mouth too wide.


  • Forced tongue

Just remember that no matter how warmed up you are, it’s never pleasant to have someone else’s tongue be the only thing filling your mouth.  A little tongue entering in a subtle fashion will suffice in bringing out the animal in your partner.


  • Suck like a ‘Hoover’ vacuum cleaner

Never deliberately suck away at either your partners tongue, or lips, if not asked to do so.  Each one has their own preferences, and this is a sure way to prevent further lessons from him/her.



No two people are the same.  If you like certain ‘kinky’ tongue maneuvers it doesn’t mean that your kissing partner wants that exact same thing.  If the relationship is still only a few days old, remember the first 3 kisses.  How much tongue did he/she use?  How much was his/her mouth open?  Try to determine the average and then continue excluding the above mentioned ‘’Do not’s’’.  If the relationship is more mature, talk to your partner.  Let him/her know what you like in a subtle way like:” Kissing me like this drives me crazy”.  They will get the idea. 😉

Author: Shaun De Kock

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