How to look good in photographs

how to look good in photographs

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Renowned portrait photographer Hamish Brown’s work sits proudly on the walls of the National Portrait Gallery in London.  So taking advice from him might not be a bad idea hey?  After all, he has taken portraits of Kylie, Iggy, Bono, and some other famous people who have surnames.  These are his insider tips on how to look good while being photographed.


1.      If you are posing for a formal portrait, be sure to wear something that makes you feel good. A suit instantly improves a man’s posture and the ladies should go for something classy and elegant to feel charming.

2.      Many men will automatically drop their chin if they feel self-conscious about their weight, never do it unless you want your chin to turn into two, or your double chin to turn into three and so on.

3.      Put your weight on one foot and RELAX.  This will make you look more natural and at ease with the camera.

4.      Look directly into the camera lens – be brave and engage.  Allow your features to speak.

5.      IF you’re really uncomfortable with the process of being photographed, give yourself something to do until it’s time for the infamous, “say cheeeeeeese”.  Try fiddling with a prop or balance some coins on the end of your thumb, just remember to look up!

Author: Johan Bosman

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