How to make an Origami Rose

Here is a nice way to impress your loved one with a beautiful paper rose.  Don’t worry if you’ve never tried your hand at origami; these steps are easy to follow and will result in a pretty, blossoming rose.  This is an ideal gift for a first anniversary, Valentine’s Day or used as part of gift wrap.  Roses are symbolic of a great range of emotions from friendship to love, warmth, happiness and romance.  As an inherent bonus they will never wilt, dry out or crumble!


Once you have created your first rose, every other rose you fold will become easier and look better once you master the steps.  Origami roses can be created from just about any paper including newspapers, loose-leaf notebooks, stationary and even business cards.  When folding a rose, using the correct type of paper will add greatly to the finished product, particularly washi paper (Origami rice paper) and crepe paper.  As a romantic gesture, we recommend using soft, pliable and pretty red paper.  Below is a list of rose colors and their meanings.

  • Red: Love and romance, as well as beauty and perfection
  • Pink: Grace and elegance
  • White: Innocence, purity, and reverence
  • Yellow: Warmth and happiness
  • Peach: Admiration, sympathy and friendship
  • Lavender/Purple: Besotted; love at first sight
  • Blue: Mystery (as the color doesn’t exist in nature)


A brief history about the Kawasaki Rose

Origami Rose

In the 1990s, Toshikazu Kawasaki used the twist technique to create his own “Kawasaki Rose”.  This model will make a major impression when done right.  Twisting the paper is key, because it creates a softness that hard creases deny.  The end result is a paper flower that looks incredibly real.






Here is a diagram on how to create an Origami rose


For your convenience we have included two downloadable manuals which you can read and learn from.  The manuals are in PDF format.  Simply “right-click”, “save target as” to download.

  1. kawasaki rose

Designed by Toshikazu Kawasaki

Diagrammed by Winson Chan

Revision 2.1

Date: 04/29/96

  1. kawasaki rose 2

Designed by Toshikazu Kawasaki

Diagrammed by C.A. Furuti


Author: Shaun De Kock

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