How to make Sushi

I presume all of you know what sushi is and would love to learn how to make sushi right ? Then you have found the best description and steps on how to make sushi
available anywhere on the internet.

For those that don’t know what sushi is, Sushi is a Japanese dish consisting of the short grain Japanese Rice mixed with sugar, salt and rice vinegar placed on-top of “Nori” a common SeaWeed used
to keep everything in place. On-top of the rice witch will essentially become the center, fish or some type of Seafood will be placed sometimes with a vegetable like avocado or cucumber or both. This is rolled and then chopped into bite-size pieces.

Ok lets look at the most common western form of sushi called the California Roll with step by step instructions on how to make sushi or how to make a California Roll.

The most common Seafood used in the California Roll is Crab Sticks, Salmon or Tuna, but any seafood that you would prefer to use, just replace it with the salmon that we are going
to use as the example.

First the Ingredients needed :

* 100gm of Salmon
* 2 Cups of prepared Sushi Rice
* 2 or more Nori Sheets ( Depending how many you would like to make)
* 1 Avocado
* 1 Cucumber

Now that you have everything needed, lets start to put everything together :

This can either be made with the Nori on the inside, or the outside, here we will show you how it is done with the rice on the outside and the nori on the inside.

How to make Sushi

The Calafornia Roll

Step 1 – How to make sushi :

Take about half a nori sheet and place it on a flat surface, now start by covering the Nori sheet with the rice make the rice at-least 1 cm thick.

Step 2 – How to make sushi :
Now in this step you have to be very careful not to mess things up. so make sure your rice is basically sticking to you Nori Sheet.

Now it is time to flip the nori sheet over, so the rice is now facing down.
Then next will be to start placing your filling for your sushi or California Roll.

Step 3 – How to make sushi :

Cut your salmon into thin strips and start lining it up on-top of the nori, in a straight line, Depending how thick you want your roll to be, you can put more than one row.

Step 4 – How to make Sushi :

Now line up your cucumber also cut into strips next to the salmon, this is also dependent on own preference how much you would like to use, remember to keep
eating comfort in mind and also try to make it Bite Sized.

Step 5 – How to make Sushi :

Cut large chunks of Avocado and put it on-top of the cucumber and salmon to finish your filling.

Step 6 – How to make Sushi :

After filling and making sure that everything is in position and also that your ingredients are equal in size, you can start by rolling from one side, try to keep everything compact.

You are almost done, Now you can sprinkle some sesame seeds on top to make it look very nice the sesame seeds should either be the white or the darkish one’s.
Depending on the size that it ended up in, you can use a wet and very sharp knife to cut it to your preferred serving size.

Serve this with Soy Sauce , also a spicy alternative is to eat it with is wasabi.

Enjoy !!!

Author: Johan Bosman

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