How to read a woman by looking at her make-up

Read a woman on her make-up

Read a woman on her make-up

Check her cosmetic choices and discover her sexual personality…


Make-up revealed : “Fifty Lashes”

If she sports a lot of make-up, use caution.  “Heavy use of mascara can often be a means of defense – the mark of a woman who feels she needs to overcompensate for a lack of self-confidence,” says Frederic Letailleur, who holds a degree in psychology and is head make-up artist for Giorgio Armani. But keep an eye out for a girl with road-sweepers for eyelashes.  Letailleur explains; “IF she is wearing fake lashes, she’s an outgoing woman who likes to have fun, “She is not afraid to use artificial means to seduce”.  So neither should you be.  Splash out on some champagne: invest now and she is guaranteed to pay later.


Make-up revealed: “A bit of lip”

“Let’s face it: men are suckers for women in red lipstick,” says Letailleur.  This is “predatory” women who wants attention, but who’ll also play hard to get.  She will tease, and will want to be teased.”  She wants a game?  Let her have it.  Banter with her, prove you’re a worthy opponent and make the man-eater work for her meat.  It’ll be a feeding frenzy.  Just watch her teeth.


Make-up revealed: ”Royal Flush”

Cheeks like a Japanese geisha mean you need to handle her with care.  “Reddened cheeks say this lady is not happy with her complexion,” says Letailleur.  “So compliment her, this will boost her confidence and she’ll lose the rouge.”  And the best benefit?  She’ll want you very close to those cheeks.


Make-up revealed:”Bare-Faced cheek”

“Either she knows nothing about make-up or she’s denying the need for it,” says Letailleur.  “She is a practical person who dedicates her life to others rather than herself.  She’s a loyal person who, once you get her attention, will be dedicated to you all the way.  If you play it sensitive, you’ll get the attention.”  Deal done.  Now you can save the leash for the girl in the red lipstick…


Make-up revealed:”Glossing Over”

“Glossy lips express the youth of a woman,” says Letailleur.  “Contrary to Miss Red Lips this woman does not see her as a boring grown-up.  For best results, play to her inner child.”  Relive the crazy things you did when you were young.  A school disco party?  Why not? 😉

Author: Johan Bosman

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