How to remove stains by using absorbent powders

Absorbent powders absorb moisture as well as grease, and thus may be used to clear away fresh stains. Additionally they break down odors.

French chalk (finely powdered soapstone) is white, and for that reason may be used on white and pastel-shaded materials, which it won’t damage.

* Distribute the dirty fabric over a nice and clean towel, and then sprinkle a thick coating of French chalk onto the spot, massaging the powder in carefully.
* When a gentle crust has formed, clean away the pow­der using a thoroughly clean nailbrush.
* For a hard to clean area, leave the powder in place for 10-12 hours.

To lift grease from carpets

* Sprinkle the impacted spot nicely, allow the powder to stand for several hours, after that vacuum it clean.
* Fuller’s earth is brownish and is suitable for any colored materials, although not for white-colored fabrics. Use in exactly the same way as French chalk.
* An additional method to make use of all these absorbent powders would be to mix all of them with a liquid cleaner (such as carbon tetrachloride) to make a paste.
* Distribute the paste over the stain and leave to dry, prior to cleaning it off.

Bicarbonate of soda (also known as sodium bicarbonate or baking soda) absorbs un­pleasant odors.

* Put opened products of it inside the fridge or washroom.
* To deodorize car­pets, sprinkle on bicarbonate of soda and allow to stand a little while before vacuum cleaning.
* French chalk and starch (made from maize) may be used either blended with one another, or on it’s own as moisture-absorbing body powders.

Author: Johan Bosman

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