How to save money with coupons

Anyone can tell you; spending money is a lot harder than to save money.  Some surveys suggest that roughly 80% of consumers are struggling to save even a measly 10% of their income.  The same reason arose across the board; my expenses exceed my income.  While this may be true for some, most of the people out there just don’t know HOW to save money by buying incorrectly.


People can cut their monthly grocery expenses almost in half if they make use of freebies and money saving coupons.  Again in the survey; when people where asked why they do not utilize money saving coupons, they thought that the amount they would save, would be so little that in fact they are better off not using it.


Cut coupons to cut costs

Here is a list of some of the benefits of using money saving coupons


  • Find the right spots

Look for certain grocers who offer money saving coupons on a regular basis.  These would normally be large stores who can buy bulk and offer some of their discount.  Look in your local classifieds section in the newspaper.  You could be buying your favorite brands for much less.


  • Become an online shopper

This is another great way to use money saving coupons.  Many online businesses offer discount coupons at a much higher saving percentage than most of the offline businesses in your area.  Why is this?  Well online stores don’t have that many overhead expenses like admin cashiers, store managers etc.  This will also cut your travel costs because the goods will be delivered to your door.


  • Be aware of the facts

Like the people in the survey complained that the amount saved is too little to be enticed, but if you keep using grocery discount coupons on a regular basis the real amount saved will almost cut your expenses by 50%.  Make a list of your most used items in your kitchen like coffee, sugar, milk, bread, butter, ketch-up, cooking oil etc., and look for these coupons.  Big stores know that this is what consumers buy most and will then offer consumers bigger discounts via money saving coupons in order to get more customers through their doors.


Sample of discounted coupon savings




Author: Shaun De Kock

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