How to spot weight loss product scams

If you decided to take part in a weight loss program, do your homework first.  Your journey to losing weight could be haltered by scammers.  Usually these types of weight loss programs will include the use of other weight loss products like diet pills, exercise equipment and their own “in-house” weight loss gurus.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to tell whether the advertisement will lead to your being scammed.  The weight loss program might promise you radical weight loss like 15lbs a week, not only is this kind of weight loss hazardous to your health, but it is usually impossible to lose that amount of weight even if you starve yourself.


Do your homework

One way to determine if the weight loss product that you are interested in will be worth your money is to do research.  Use the internet to search for product reviews and look for comments left by consumers who have bought these weight loss programs.  Many unhappy customers will alert fellow consumers to not enroll in a certain weight loss program, so if you find such a review about your program read it carefully.  The easiest way to do such a search is to type the name of the weight loss product into your favorite search engine, followed by the word “review” or “scam”.  This will lead you to message boards where people like you and I discuss health related topics and alert other people about weight loss product scams.


The good, the bad and the ugly

When reading such reviews, be careful of people who just want to slander the product.  Some weight loss products do not always have the same effects on some people.  This might be due some people not following the weight loss program diligently or not exercising enough.  Look for more positive reviews than negative.  If you do however find honest opinions about the weight loss product which are negative, then maybe that is not the product for you.


Read through everything, twice!

Go to the weight loss product or program’s website or the website of the manufacturer of the product.  Look for the ingredients label.  The diet pills you are looking to buy might be nothing more than sugar pills or other placebos.  Make sure the ingredients are weight loss related and not some “snake-oil” gimmick.  Also read how the pills are supposed to work and how often they are to be taken.  If you are working on a tight budget, they might be advertising to use only one bottle of $X price, but you need to take 3 of them during your program.  The costs might not be clearly stipulated so make sure you know what you are buying.


Sample of a weight loss product label


Remember, there is no easy weight loss solution.  There are no secret pills to take in order to shed the pounds.  You have to do your part by exercising and following a balanced meal plan too, otherwise no pill would work no matter what ingredients they throw in there.  No weight loss program is perfect either so try to find the right one for you.  Be aware of weight loss product scams, and, good luck! 😉




Author: Shaun De Kock

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