How to tell the difference between a white and black rhino

How 2 tell the difference between a white and black rhino

Black Rhino (Also known as Hooked-lip Rhino)

  • The Black Rhino is smaller than the white Rhino.
  • A Black Rhino bull is about 1 ton average in weight and a White Rhino about 2 and a half ton.
  • The black Rhino feeds of trees and shrubs and it’s head is ”naturally” upwards
  • You can find small thorns and twigs in a black rhino’s dung.
  • A black Rhino’s baby walks behind the mother.
  • Black rhino’s are more often than not found in thick vegetation.
  • The Black Rhino is very aggressive and short tempered and are more likely to attack (see how to escape a Rhino attack here)
  • Black Rhino are very solitary animals

White Rhino (Also known as Broad-mouthed Rhino)

  • The white Rhino is much larger than the Black Rhino
  • White Rhino feeds on grass and you will see the big head downwards most of the time. They have a broad flat mouth designed to feed on large quantities of grass.
  • White Rhino’s have a hump above the shoulders.
  • White Rhino have ”folded skin” a the lower parts of the shoulders
  • a White Rhino’s baby always walks in front of the mother. (In African cultures a black mother would have her baby on her back – This is a way to remember that a Black Rhino’s baby is walking behind the mother, so she can protect him in the bushes that are often dense and Rhino’s don’t have great eye sight and will often charge at strange sounds
  • White Rhino’s can be seen in big groups at a time and are not solitary like Black Rhino’s
  • White Rhino attacks on humans are more than Black Rhino even though they are less aggressive. The reason is there is a lot more White Rhino than black and therefor more human encounters.

Author: Johan Bosman

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