How to use a hair straightener

To straighten curly or frizzy hair and style it for a sleek,Luxurious look. a Hair  Straightener  is professionally preferred for its constant heat that preserves the hair’s natural moisture and sheen.
The easy-to clean plates emit high heat witch penetrates the hair follicles to straighten while minimizing damage to the hair.


How to use a Hair Straighter :

1. Insert the power plug into the power outlet  and press the ‘on’ switch .

2. Press the temperature regulator to select the temperature  required.

3. It will reach the required temperature quickly and then keep it constant.

4. To straighten, separate a two-inc  section of hair, gently place the hair between the hot ceramic plates and clamp down firmly on the handles.

5. For best results work from the scalp to hair ends.

6. Leave fine hair in for 5-8 seconds and thicker hair for 10-15 seconds.

7. Once the hair is heated, slide the hair  carefully down, making sure that the particular section is heated and straightened right down to the ends.

8. Repeat the procedure until all the hair is Straightened.

9. To remove the straighter, just release  the pressure on the handles and allow the hair to gently slide from the plates.

10. For the best results wash,dry and comb  hair until just damp to touch-although this professional hair straightener can be used for touch-ups at any time.


* Keep this appliance away from water. Do not use while bathing,in damp rooms or over a water-filled basin or vessel.
* Do not use straightener with wet hands or on wet hair.
* Do not touch the plates while hot.
* Do not place plastic or heat sensitive surface.
* Keep away from Children.
* Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug.

The straightener is only intended for use  on the hair and only with products specifically designed for use with heated straightener.

Cleaning your Straighter :

Always unplug the appliance  from its power source after every use and allow it to cool down. To clean, wipe your straightener and plates with a damp cloth.
Ensure that the appliance is completely dry before you use it.
Keep heating surface clean and free from dust, dirt, styling gels and sprays.

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