How to use Craigslist

Criagslist is a wonderful online resource


There are many ways to use Craigslist.  Many still believe it is just an online classifieds site.  Well, it is that, but it also offers the opportunity to meet new people, advertise your website or look for a job.  Many users nowadays do a little of all three.  Let’s look a little closer at Craigslist’s features and how to efficiently use them.


Using Craigslist for Advertising

Two of the most significant reasons why people advertise on Craigslist are; it is really affordable, and it has a large audience to which your products and services are exposed to.  It is relatively easy to make a profit from selling your product or your services because the website Craigslist has around 10 million visitors per month, which in turn view about 4 billion pages!  So clearly this is a valuable resource and extremely appealing to webmasters, job seekers, consultants etc., because of the massive audience it reaches.  Did we say it is also very affordable?  That’s a bit of an understatement.  Most of the postings you can make are totally FREE.  The only fee they will charge is when you want to post “help-wanted” advertisements in three specific markets and also specific housing advertisements in 1 city.


Using Craigslist for Meeting people

The personals section of Craigslist is another one of the many uses of this resourceful website.  The self-explanatory section allows users to interact with other users for either platonic- or romantic relationships.  There are many adverts to scroll though until you think you have found a match.  Whether you are seeking a specific sexual orientation or just want somebody to have a bit of fun with, you are bound to find what you are looking for.  Keep in mind this section has an age restriction of 18, and also has different terms of use for placing advertisements.  This will ensure no impersonation of a fellow user.

Craigslist also has discussion forums.  Here users can share their viewpoints on certain subjects and topics.  It also aids as a platform to meet new people with the same likes and dislikes.  Like every story has two sides, there exists a very real possibility of opposing viewpoints resulting in heated debates.  Most of the discussions remain civilized but often situations erupt where the debate degrades to an uncivil manner.  Do your part and pay no attention to foul-mouths.


Using Craigslist for Finding jobs

The Jobs section on Craigslist is quite extensive.  It is broken down into a number of easy to comprehend categories.  So whether you are looking for your dream job, or merely seeking a career change, this is the place you want to be.  If you don’t find the job you are looking for using the categories, the additional search feature might come in handy.  Certain phrases can be searched for in the job description to match your criteria, like; part-time jobs, internships, telecommunication capabilities, contract positions etc.  Resume posting on Craigslist is not as well organized as the other sections on the website, but if you can write an eye catching title and fill the description with keyword rich content, you’re bound to attract attention.



Author: Shaun De Kock

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